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Cyburban allows you to add Puzzles, Check-ins, Challenges, and other interactive features to your event or service, without additional personnel. Learn More →

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What is Cyburban?

Urban Adventure Racing has a very big scalability problem: the more challenges you put, the more staff you need to hire.

Tour guides have no cost-effective way of scaling their business, unless they gain celebrity status.

Marathons and fun-runs are too easy: there's just one track for all runners, a couple of check points, and no room for fun challenges. Quite boring!

Cyburban changes that.

Now, you can add interactive features like Puzzles, Riddles, QR Code Scans, GPS Check-Ins, Location-based Trivia, and Internet-based Challenges without additional personnel. With Cyburban, tour guides can also create and sell their own personalized tours on the app, promoting local entrepreneurship and tourism at the same time.

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Cyburban Events

Bloggers United 7 x Sunsilk

Bloggers United is a yearly bazaar where the country's top fashion bloggers can meet their fans, and share the things they love with them!

Cyburban provided a way for the participants of Bloggers United to interactively enjoy different parts of the event and meet their fashion icons. All while giving them a chance to win great prizes, and of course, having fun!

  • How To Play:

    1. Select a race to join.
  • 2. Browse available checkpoints. * Strategize for optimum fun or best chance of winning!
  • 3. Perform fun challenges!
  • 4. Earn points and unlock checkpoints! * And relive the game!

How It Works For Race Logistics:

  1. Build your list of challenges.
  2. Design your game collaterals.
  3. Plot all your challenges on the map.
  4. Publish your race!

How It Works For Digital Marketing:

  1. Upgrade sponsorship packages.
  2. Set pre-event activities.
  3. Create the post-event campaign.
  4. Design loyalty packages

About Us

We are TAP. The Autotelic Project is a transmedia startup based in Manila, Philippines. We aim to create experiences so fun, doing them is reward in itself. Contact us at